The Gala: A Different Center

We Learn through Being

‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all!’


Solidarity Project

Our education is based on dialogue, coexistence, and solidarity. That’s why our solidarity campaigns play a fundamental role in our work.

Emotional Education

We aim to enhance the emotional competencies of our students to develop the ability to generate positive emotions and synergies.

Healthy Nutrition

We introduce students to the world of nutrition and its relationship with healthier lifestyles.

Diversity Attention

Addressing diversity is a challenge we face with the conviction of its necessity, from personal, educational, and social justice perspectives, enriching the entire educational community. For this purpose, we have trained and sensitized teaching staff, as well as an orientation department consisting of 3 Special Education Teachers, 1 Speech Therapist, 1 Psychologist, 1 Inclusion Teacher, and 2 Counselors.

Family-School Relationship

We understand education as a shared task between families and educators, aimed at the comprehensive development of students. Therefore, families actively participate in the activities of our center.

Equality Plan

Education means promoting the integral development of individuals. Thus, it’s necessary to foster this value among students to overcome gender-imposed limitations through systemic work within the Educational Community.

Learning by Doing

We are always concerned with the search for innovative methodologies that engage students in their own learning and make them autonomous in facing the challenges they will encounter throughout their lives.

Working through motivating projects where students are at the center of learning, developing competencies actively and providing group solutions to effect changes in their immediate environment.

We construct learning, enhance competencies, and improve social skills through teamwork techniques.

We employ a methodology in mathematics that aims for hands-on learning and a deeper and better understanding of logical-mathematical reasoning.

Our own bilingual project; to enable students to enhance their possibilities of interaction and communication through the use of the English language, enjoy the process, and gain confidence. In our Center, we offer 3 hours of bilingual instruction in the early childhood stage and 9 hours in primary and secondary education.

We are one of the few Spanish schools endowed with the Erasmus+ accreditation for the period 2021-2027. This signifies that we have secured international exchanges for our students, bringing about personal and academic enrichment.

We use techniques to develop thinking habits in students that are useful in their daily lives and foster reflection and independent learning abilities.

In fostering our students’ communicative competence, we implement a reading promotion plan and a reading moment that all our students enjoy on a daily basis.

Our center strongly advocates for the integration of information and communication technologies into school life as an essential vehicle for the education of well-prepared individuals.

We believe that active and experiential learning is what remains with our students and enables the development of the skills and competencies necessary for life. This is why the implementation of experiential activities and outings holds such significance in our educational project.


  • Bioclimatic Center
  • Sports Pavilion and Courts
  • Spacious Recreational Areas
  • Separate Children’s Playground
  • Laboratory
  • 5 Computer Rooms with iPads and Laptops
  • Psychomotor Skills Room
  • Classrooms with Wi-Fi and Digital Screens
  • Library integrated into the playground

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