Who we are


How our school was born

In the year 1983, a group of women and men from different parts of the province of Seville, united by a common interest, began to gather and develop a project that, initially, started as almost a utopia but gradually transformed dreams into realities.

A group of education professionals who were introduced to the world of cooperatives for the first time and soon became convinced that through this management and organizational model, not only could they fulfill their personal aspirations for stable work and employment, but it also presented a more coherent, just, and participatory way of imparting values from an educational and social perspective.


How our school started and grew through cooperativism

The beginnings in those years were undoubtedly very challenging. Launching a project of such magnitude, which required the convergence of many different factors (business project, educational project, facility project, feasibility plan, land search, finding a group of like-minded individuals with the necessary qualifications to meet the requirements, etc.), led to many moments of unrest, incapacity, and even moments of near failure for a young ship loaded with countless aspirations.

Fortunately, the immense enthusiasm of those individuals at that time and the strong and determined support of the City Council of Dos Hermanas were the lifebuoys that made it possible for our Antonio Gala School, with its forty years of journey, to become a valuable reality today.


CEPA – Andalusian Cooperative Society

The Cooperative of Andalusian Teachers’ Education is currently the owner of Antonio Gala School, located in the Vistazul neighborhood of the city of Dos Hermanas, Seville. Its activities are focused on Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Compulsory Secondary Education, and Vocational Training for Employment. These activities undoubtedly continue to fuel our enthusiasm to carry on with…

… “The great adventure of learning through cooperation”