Antonio Gala Bilingual School

‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all!’


Where we are

The school is located in the Vistazul neighborhood, in front of the fairgrounds of the city of Dos Hermanas, next to one of its main streets, Avenida de España. Getting to the center is very easy, thanks to the bus stop number 42 on Avenida Juan Pablo II and the Cantaelgallo train station, which is located 500 meters away.

Address: C. Dalai Lama, 1, 41702 Dos Hermanas, Sevilla
Phone: 95 567 78 08
Opening hours: Lunes a Viernes: 08:00 a 14:30 Horas

The School

Our center is a secular private school that covers ages 3 to 15 and is equipped with facilities and services that set us apart from the rest: playgrounds with abundant trees, bioclimatic classrooms, own cafeteria, sports facilities, and an energy-efficient environmentally sustainable center to ensure that our students have a place to develop all their capacities.

We are a social economy

We base our management on the values of cooperativism and social economy, applying principles of social responsibility and transparency in our processes, and using methodologies that promote interaction with society. We are a subsidized center of social interest (free during compulsory education hours) that provides a public service to the community.

Why study with us?

Our educational model is based on the development of skills through “vital” activities such as camping, exchanges with other countries, solidarity projects, and cultural activities. We use innovative methodologies such as cooperative learning, project-based learning and services, ABN (Numerical and Mathematical Thinking) in mathematics, and our own bilingual project. Our main objective is the happiness and well-being of students and families, and we promote emotional education and values such as tolerance, coexistence, freedom, and responsibility.





Our facilities and services

One of the strengths of our center is the facilities and services we offer to the educational community, always seeking the well-being of our children and the school-family balance.

The cafeteria has its own kitchen, and daily balanced menus are prepared and adapted to the students’ ages. Specific menus for students with allergies or dietary intolerances are also offered. During lunchtime, our monitors, with teaching experience, carry out recreational and educational activities.

At our school, we offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities for students to develop their skills and talents in a fun and enriching way. All of these extracurricular activities are designed to help our students develop important skills and enjoy a range of interests.

They have the objective of providing convenience to families who need their children to stay longer at the Center. The Morning Classroom is aimed at students of all ages, while the Afternoon Classroom focuses on attending to students in Kindergarten and Primary School. The monitors plan recreational and educational activities appropriate for the ages of the attending students.

All the classrooms in the center have a sustainable and highly efficient bioclimatization system installed, which allows the moving air to capture moisture from the water, achieving indoor temperatures around 24ºC. Additionally, it cleans the environment by eliminating stagnant air, vapors, and odors.

Damos gran importancia a nuestro proyecto ecosostenible como medio de trasladar aprendizajes sobre la naturaleza y el clima, además de sobre otras muchas materias curriculares que están relacionadas.
Por ello, tenemos instalada una planta fotovoltaica de autoconsumo que genera la energía necesaria para el funcionamiento del sistema de bioclimartización y parte de la energía eléctrica que se consume en el centro.

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